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Yukaku is an adult playground of Edo period in Japan.
Yoshiwara was very famous.
There was OIRAN in the Yukaku and OIRAN was men's idol.

Please enjoy the tradition of Japan!

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FreeBee to make Oiran scene.
Oiran Hair for V4 By.Fujiko

Oiran hair prop is the popular hair style for Oiran.
Oiran were courtesans in Japan. However,
they are distinguished from the yūjo in that
they were entertainers rather than simply sex workers,
and many became celebrities of their times outside
the pleasure districts.

Oiran Rouge By.Fujiko

Beni_Choku is a Japanese classical popular rouge or rouge case
in the Edo period (16001868).
This is not for only Oiran! Beni_Choku is Sake cup (Choko, Choku)
which it was painted with Rouge inward.
Actually the rouge paste in cup is green.
A woman rouged with her little finger or rouge brush(Beni_fude).
If you like to drink Sake with it, you may change a rouge part material.

Oiran Clogs By.Fujiko

Sammai_ba_geta is Japanese wooden clogs for only Oiran.
When she go out to a "Ageya" from "Okiya" ("Oiran Dochu" ), she wear it.
the Step (with Sammai_ba_geta ) is called "Soto_Hachi_Monji" (Outer 8 figure)
or "Uchi_Hachi_Monji" (Inner 8 figure).
Once, amateur girls wore normal Japanese wooden clogs (Geta)
with Japanese socks(Tabi). Professionals(Oiran, Yuujo ) wore it in bare feet.

Oiran Textures for V4 By.reika

Photoshop PSD format.
Base textures are not included.

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